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Jouw persoonlijke parkeerplaats.

Yespark,  is more than 35 000 parking spots available in 2500 parking throughout Europe. Our expertise lay in the car park rental and we offer you parking spots in over 400 communes. 15 000 clients use our service every day and more than 9 out of 10 recommend our services.
Our sole partners are housing associations, social housing, and cooperatives. As of today, we work with more than 180 partners optimizing their parking revenue, management, and security. We are in constant contact with our partners’ operational team and end-users to guarantee housing associations the best possible rental quality service.
At Yespark, it’s your smartphone that opens the door to the parking lot. The accesses to the garage are traced, and Yespark can deactivate the parking access rights in real-time and remotely. Making it the most reliable access system in the market.

About EFL

EFL is a unique network in Europe which combines the expertise and core activities of (social) housing companies, private companies and academic institutes. EFL has currently (2020) over 70 members and associates from 14 European countries.

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European Federation for Living
P.O. box 67065
1060 JB  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Inspire, colaborate and work together?


As member or associate of EFL you get entrance to a unique network in the housing sector, offering opportunities for cooperation and doing business. Housing companies, both in the social housing and private sector can sign up as a member. Companies in the chain of value creation within the housing industry and development can apply for an asscoiated partnership. EFL is also open for scientific institutes and public organisations.

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