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Wheatley House
25 Cochrane St, Glasgow G1 1HL
United Kingdom


Wheatley Group is Scotland’s leading housing association, care and community regeneration group. The Group currently comprises four social landlords, a care organisation and two commercial subsidiaries. The Group spans 12 local authority areas across Central Scotland, providing homes and award-winning services to over 100,000 people.

All parts of the Group are firmly rooted in their local communities. However, by joining forces, their partner organisations are delivering much more for their customers than they could on their own. And, by using their combined size and scale, they are contributing to improving housing, care and regeneration at a national level. Their group partners are, among others: Scotland’s largest social landlord ‘Glasgow Housing Association’, Cube Housing Association, West Lothian Housing Partnership and YourPlace Property Management. 

In successful collaboration with their partner organisations Wheatley Group has achieved remarkable results in a broad range of activities in the past decade. The Group’s largest social landlord has invested to improve more than 70,000 homes, making them warmer, drier and better to live in. The investment projects was the largest of its kind in Europe and created or supported more than 9,000 jobs. Furthermore the Group has created thousands of jobs and training places for local people and also launched Wheatley Pledge to encourage more of their contractors to create jobs and training opportunities, and many more.

In their operations Wheatley Group constantly strives to reduce the impact of production on the environment. The cornerstones of their sustainable productivity goals are  improving the energy efficiency of existing properties and introducing innovative design features in the new homes they are building.

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