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Our projects


Projects within EFL are characterized by cooperation between EFL member organizations. Working together on projects and sharing experiences and knowledge in different fields of housing management and development leads to concrete, research results that can provide added value to all members. We focus on innovation, knowledge-exchange and concept development both for and from the network. Learning from each other through project collaboration across national borders is one aspect of innovation, alongside bundling expertise from different sources and combining the knowledge of our scientific partners with our private business associates and housing association members. In some cases, members form application consortia for European Funds. EFL is currently closely involved in two projects and peripherally involved in three projects that are in the application phase for EU funds. Many EFL members have successfully applied for European funded projects and we assist members in this process. See more about our EU funding assistance service here.

Active Projects

Digital business models
Affordable design competition
European social index
Climate targets housing

Projects in development

Planet smart city

Past Projects


Eu project rebecee
Efl low cost